H. Grant Maddock


Grant has been working in the civil engineering field for over 50 years and whether he was designing waterslides in Greece or laying out residential subdivisions in BC,  he put his heart and soul into the project.  Grant was born and raised in West Kelowna and has seen the Okanagan region grow from a population  under 15,000 to well over 200,000.  He can proudly say that he played a significant role in that growth through Protech’s work and project involvement over the years.  Grant has sat on numerous Boards and Committees including the Urban Development Institute Executive Board and several non-profits such as the John Howard Society.  As a well-known person in the Valley, you can often find Grant on the links playing a round with his buds, or in municipal Council Chambers across the Valley presenting and defending his clients proposals.  You want to have him and his staff on your side!

Kyle, a lifer of the Okanagan Valley, has had a passion for design and creation from a young age. He is a graduate from UBC Okanagan and has been with Protech since 2014. Kyle plays an integral part of the Protech team providing expertise and guidance in all aspects of civil engineering.  As a Professional Engineer, he prepares designs for municipal servicing, modelling and analysis for stormwater management and provides well-organized contract administration during construction. Kyle enjoys watching his client’s projects come to life as well as having the opportunity to help shape the growth of the communities that he has spent his life living in. When Kyle isn’t glued to his computer screen, which is not often, he enjoys being outdoors and staying active in sports. He’s okay at golf, better at soccer, and does some of his best cooking once he’s kicked his wife out of the kitchen!

Kyle Lorincz, P. Eng


Grown and raised in Kelowna, David-James had the opportunity to learn and understand civil engineering at a young age from his father who has been a civil engineer in the Okanagan Valley for the past several decades. Now a Professional Engineer himself, after graduating from UBC Okanagan, David-James has been a member of the Protech team since 2015. As a project manager and designer, his interests are most peaked when your project can benefit from a little innovation! Through his experience, David-James has become proficient in the design of hillside communities, municipal water systems, and sanitary and storm sewer collection systems. David-James finds enjoyment in engineering as he watches his planning and designs come to life in the field. If you can’t find him in the office he’ll likely be enjoying the ocean and family life from his cabin on the west coast or out on the Rugby pitch.

David-James T. Pauls, P. Eng


Toni Maddock

Office Manager

Toni is Protech’s knower of all things!  She has been with Protech since marrying Grant way too many years ago and is the glue that holds all these men together!  Responsible for all administrative and accounting functions, making sure Grant returns his phone calls and well, let’s face it, the place wouldn’t run without her!  When she is not shuffling papers in the office you can find her in her award-winning garden making sure everything is trimmed, pruned, and blooming to perfection.  If you want to know where things are at Protech, Toni is your gal!

Ron Boyer

Senior Technologist

Ron has been with Protech perhaps longer than Protech has been with Protech!  There is not a manhole, street or catch basin in the Okanagan Valley that Ron doesn’t know about.  Starting with Protech in 2003, Ron moved to Kelowna from his hometown of Bracebridge, Ontario. With over 30 years of experience working in the civil construction industry and a diploma from BCIT, he has a keen eye for preparing very practical, efficient designs. Ron enjoys projects with unique applications of engineering principles that require his  excellent problem solving skills. Ron’s work ethic is simply unmatched  and he is well versed in all aspects of civil engineering design and project management. When Ron manages to get a break from the office, you will likely find him chasing birdies on the golf course or blue bird days on the ski hill.

Lane’s career started in the oil and gas industry and evolved into Metal Fabrication and the Welding of large pressure vessels with a final transition to the Civil Engineering industry. He attended Okanagan College to obtain his Civil Engineering Technologist diploma in 2008. Since then, Lane has worked in the Okanagan with various Civil Engineering firms before joining Protech Consulting in 2013. With 13 years’ experience in the industry, Lane is a senior technologist and construction inspector. His time is mostly spent working with contractors and developers in the field keeping an eye on Protech’s ongoing construction works. Lane is very detail oriented and well versed in the MMCD, Civil construction standards and Civil Engineering Design which helps us ensure the successful execution of all our projects. On his own time, Lane enjoys travelling the world and enjoying the outdoors on all his off-road toys!

Lane Bovill

Senior Inspector

The inspirational father to David-James, David Pauls has been working for Protech since 2012. While also managing his own engineering firm, David lends his much needed experience and advice in the field of civil engineering to our entire team. David has worked as a professional engineer for the last several decades in the Okanagan Valley and prides himself in providing designs that are unique, practical and most importantly, sustainable. He provides the expertise required to design and develop complex water distribution systems, sanitary sewer collection systems, advanced storm water management techniques and modeling, and  years of construction know how. Though too modest to take any credit, he is one of the local engineers who has contributed to the significant development of the surrounding cities and municipalities in the Okanagan Valley over the last decade. When David has time away from work and isn’t being used as a jungle gym by his 9 grandchildren, he does his best to distract the Protech team from their work by hosting wake surfing lessons

David Pauls, P. Eng

Senior Engineer

Taylor Milsom


Taylor joined the Protech team in 2016, intent on utilizing the skills and knowledge he had recently acquired as a Civil Engineering Technology graduate. Taylor provides a significant portion of the drafting and engineering design support for the office. There is rarely a design or drawing that leaves the office that Taylor has not had an opportunity to make his mark on. While consistently bogged down with a never-ending workload, Taylor always finds a way to meet deadlines while continuing his pursuit to learn new software and expand his design repertoire. Often found taking off early on a Friday, Taylor is likely trying to catch an early afternoon tee time to start his weekend. While away from work and golf, Taylor enjoys staying active through sports and weight training.

Brad Zawislak

Senior Technologist

Remembering Brad Zawislak


Protech Consulting tragically lost Brad in the July 2021 crane accident in Kelowna, BC. With a personality larger than life, Brad perfectly embodied all the traits that Protech strives to uphold in everything we do.  His friendly, hardworking, do-it-all mentality is irreplaceable. Brad had an inspiring ability to balance his work with his family life and constantly left everyone he met with a motivation to be a better person. Brad will always be remembered and will always be a part of the Protech Team.